Moopsie's Final SayMrs. Trudeau, steadying herself with her walker, greeted me at her tidy front door. She had decided that she could no longer care for her big home, and I had come to help her plan her home sale. From the doorstep, I was immediately introduced to Moopsie, her Miniature Schnauzer, who announced his importance with a low, carried-out howl. For forty-two years, Mrs. Trudeau had lived in her home, the last eight as a widow. Continue reading

Soccer Coach Vs. Home Sale CoachGrowing up as a soccer player, in a gritty league of knock-down, muddy games, there were a few things we knew about our coaches. First, they expected toughness without exception. This was reinforced in a drill we called “The Circle of Pain”. No wimps survived it. Second, there was no canceling a game – not in rain, sleet, snow, freezing temperatures, or thunderstorms. Third, we were to give a hundred and ten percent, all the way to the final whistle. Continue reading

Grandma's Retro DecorIn 1962, Myrtle’s home was trendy and hip. Her orange kitchen countertops, rooster-patterned kitchen wallpaper, and olive green appliances were all the rage. Myrtle’s guest bathroom had light brown wallpaper with gold embossed daisies. Her living room was a shag carpet of brick red and brown, with copper wall hangings and floor lamps that had a round wooden table encircling the metal lamp stand. It was a visit back in time to stroll through her home. Continue reading

No Do-Overs GraphicIn a recent conversation overheard between a remodeling contractor and a homeowner, the two were discussing the results of refinishing a hardwood floor. It seemed that some dark blemishes in the wood had not been adequately covered by the refinisher’s stain color, and the blemishes were an unsightly eyesore in the home’s entryway. “It needs to be done over,” said the homeowner, and so they agreed to try a darker stain color. Continue reading