Buyers To Watch ForA few months ago, a woman called SASH who was interested in selling her mother’s home. Her mother had already moved into an assisted living community, and the family needed the proceeds from the sale of the home to pay for her care. During the process of meeting with a SASH Client Service Manager to consider SASH’s home sale options, another buyer (we’ll call her Minnie) came forward with an offer to buy the home in a private purchase. Continue reading

AA038623During a recent conversation with an older gentleman before a Sunday morning church service, we began to talk about the big step of moving into an assisted living community. At the age of eighty-two, he had been retired for twenty years, and he and his wife were struggling to make ends meet on his fixed income. He knew that soon, it would no longer be feasible to maintain his home. Yet that big step of selling the home still seemed years away. Continue reading

Five Tips to Sell HomeWhen we imagine our home on the market to sell, we think of a sunny, warm day with all the flowers blooming in the yard. The grass is a lush green, the hedges are trimmed, birds are singing, the driveway is swept clean, and you can almost hear music playing as buyers stroll in, admiring the beauty inside and out. What we don’t want to imagine is our home on a dark, windy, rainy night, in chilling temperatures with leaves blowing all over the lawn, and bare tree branches. Continue reading

Senior CommunityTest DriveChevrolet ran a marketing campaign recently with the slogan, “Try it, like it, love it, keep it.” For a limited time, new car owners could try out a car for 30 days, and if they didn’t like it, they could bring it back to the dealership for a full refund. It was Chevrolet’s way of standing behind their product. They were confident that few owners would return their new cars, after the experience of enjoying them every day for a month. Continue reading