Credit RepairMillions of Americans have bad credit, and want to increase their scores as quickly as possible. But legitimate credit repair often takes a great deal of time and effort to do correctly, and in accordance with the law. Being desperate for a better credit profile can encourage people to take shortcuts, which can leave them vulnerable to credit repair scams. We’ve all seen advertisements for credit repair companies. Some of these are legitimate businesses but many of them are not. Continue reading

SASH Broker DifferenceSASH Realtybrokers are known to go the extra mile for senior clients and their families. They ensure each home sale has the best possible outcome, by using their extensive experience, ongoing training, and genuine passion for serving seniors. Our complete services include help with the packing and moving process, preparing the home for sale, arranging for the disbursement and sale of household items, overseeing each detail of escrow to closing day, and many more. Continue reading

Real Estate Outlook 2013Based upon the latest data from multiple sources, the Real Estate outlook for 2013 in the greater Puget Sound area is indicating a seller’s market is underway. A similar market outlook is predicted for other West Coast cities including Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Compared to a just a year ago, price per square foot and list prices are rising, while inventory and days on the market has dropped. So should I buy, sell, or hold? Continue reading