SC Blog Post #1 Over the years, SASH has worked with many seniors who simply wanted the convenience of selling their home as is. However, some clients need to get the highest price possible out of the sale of their home and ask us what fixes or improvements they can make that brings the highest purchase price. There are many factors as to what brings the best return on your investment, however, there are some do’s and don’ts that apply almost every time: Continue reading

Prepare Home Under 500A common myth found among many homeowners is that their home must be near-perfect before it can be sold. At SASH, we often hear seniors and their families say that they can’t sell the home until they can remodel everything, putting in all the latest upgrades, a fancy kitchen, or a new bathroom. Often, sellers make the mistake of doing more to the home than is needed to sell it, and spending money that they won’t recover in the net proceeds of the sale. Continue reading

Over the years that we’ve been serving seniors and their families through their home sale, there have been many calls to the SASH office from people who just need guidance, support, and resources.

One call may be from a recently widowed senior who knows the home is too big, and doesn’t know where to begin. Another call may be from a weary adult daughter who is trying to manage her parents’ home sale from hundreds of miles away. A third call may be from a retirement community, whose prospective residents are paralyzed by the overwhelming complexity of their home sale. SASH Senior Home Sale Coaching Services can assist with all of these and more. Continue reading

dv1968003Assisting a senior through a home sale is fairly straightforward: Even with the many steps, the stress, the packing of belongings, and the transition into retirement care, it is a process that can be planned and carried out successfully. Complications of the sale can be caused by the condition of the home, or the seniors’ health or financial needs. But the majority of obstacles that delay, prevent, or turn a senior’s home sale upside down are often caused by the senior’s family. Continue reading

200368419-001Every week at SASH, senior homeowners call us who are considering the sale of their home. How does one make this decision? There is so much to weigh, including health, safety, finances, distance from family, daily care needs, and more. Should there be one single factor that determines it, or many? Below we have provided a list of five questions that can be asked, to assist with this decision. This is a great opportunity for a family conversation about the topic. Continue reading

Navigating Long Distance Home SaleWorking as a diplomat in another country, Susan only had one week to fly to her father’s town in the U.S., move him into a care community, and arrange for his home to be sold. All of her professional education and globe-trotting business affairs had not prepared her for this challenge, and she wondered how she would manage it in so short of a time. Laura and her three siblings each lived in a different state, each hundreds or thousands of miles from their aging parents. Continue reading

Soccer Coach Vs. Home Sale CoachGrowing up as a soccer player, in a gritty league of knock-down, muddy games, there were a few things we knew about our coaches. First, they expected toughness without exception. This was reinforced in a drill we called “The Circle of Pain”. No wimps survived it. Second, there was no canceling a game – not in rain, sleet, snow, freezing temperatures, or thunderstorms. Third, we were to give a hundred and ten percent, all the way to the final whistle. Continue reading