Every year in the late Fall we start to hear from prospective SASH Realty clients "We're thinking of waiting until Spring to sell" or "We'd like to take our property off the market during the holidays". We know from experience that this can actually be a very bad idea, counter-productive to a sale.


Clients thinking of selling their home may sometimes need a little perspective to help them understand why listing at this time of year Continue reading

Residential Financing 2013In the years following the burst of the housing bubble, and the recession that followed, securing a home mortgage ranged from extremely difficult to nearly impossible. And while qualifications to obtain a mortgage are still quite stringent (especially for those without perfect credit), there are signs some lenders are starting to ease up on their requirements. Some banks and credit unions are even returning to some of the more risky financing products of the past: Continue reading

Credit RepairMillions of Americans have bad credit, and want to increase their scores as quickly as possible. But legitimate credit repair often takes a great deal of time and effort to do correctly, and in accordance with the law. Being desperate for a better credit profile can encourage people to take shortcuts, which can leave them vulnerable to credit repair scams. We’ve all seen advertisements for credit repair companies. Some of these are legitimate businesses but many of them are not. Continue reading

SASH Broker DifferenceSASH Realtybrokers are known to go the extra mile for senior clients and their families. They ensure each home sale has the best possible outcome, by using their extensive experience, ongoing training, and genuine passion for serving seniors. Our complete services include help with the packing and moving process, preparing the home for sale, arranging for the disbursement and sale of household items, overseeing each detail of escrow to closing day, and many more. Continue reading

Real Estate Outlook 2013Based upon the latest data from multiple sources, the Real Estate outlook for 2013 in the greater Puget Sound area is indicating a seller’s market is underway. A similar market outlook is predicted for other West Coast cities including Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Compared to a just a year ago, price per square foot and list prices are rising, while inventory and days on the market has dropped. So should I buy, sell, or hold? Continue reading

Staging A Seniors HomeRecently, a friend and I had a conversation lamenting the fact that people don’t “dress up” anymore. Years ago, folks wore their best attire to church each Sunday. The ladies wore lovely dresses, and the men had suits and ties. A shopping trip downtown was a reason for ladies to put on hats, gloves, pumps and a purse. Back then, most adults would never dream of wearing pajama-like clothing to the bank or the grocery store. Continue reading

SASH Realty BrokerageOne of our sayings at SASH is, “There are no do-overs in a senior’s home sale.” It’s true! A disappointing golf game or a poorly tasting meal at a restaurant can be forgotten by enjoying a better one next week, a do-over. But seniors only have one sale of their family home, and it’s often the most significant financial transaction of their life. It can also be a difficult emotional time, as the senior is leaving their place with all of the memories of family and loved ones. Continue reading

Five Tips to Sell HomeWhen we imagine our home on the market to sell, we think of a sunny, warm day with all the flowers blooming in the yard. The grass is a lush green, the hedges are trimmed, birds are singing, the driveway is swept clean, and you can almost hear music playing as buyers stroll in, admiring the beauty inside and out. What we don’t want to imagine is our home on a dark, windy, rainy night, in chilling temperatures with leaves blowing all over the lawn, and bare tree branches. Continue reading