How to Find the Best Real Estate Agent for a Senior’s Home Sale

SASH Realty BrokerageOne of our sayings at SASH is, “There are no do-overs in a senior’s home sale.” It’s true! A disappointing golf game or a poorly tasting meal at a restaurant can be forgotten by enjoying a better one next week, a do-over. But seniors only have one sale of their family home, and it’s often the most significant financial transaction of their life. It can also be a difficult emotional time, as the senior is leaving their place with all of the memories of family and loved ones.

 For these reasons, it’s important to entrust the sale of a senior's hometo a qualified and experienced real estate agent. At SASH, we’ve had many phone calls from seniors who chose an agent because the agent was a family member, a friend, a neighbor, or just someone who had a real estate license. These seniors suffered through a stressful home sale experience and wished they had someone better to represent them.

We encourage families to do the research to find an outstanding real estate agent for their home sale. You will be so glad that you did.

Here are examples of qualifying questions to ask before signing the agreement:

  • How long have you been a licensed agent? Longevity means that the agent has seen many sales cycles, and has developed valuable experience.
  • How many transactions did you close last year?This year? Some agents keep their license as a “side job”, but aren’t fully engaged in the real estate industry. Choose one who does enough volume to know the market well.
  • How do you market the home to sell quickly? A yard sign and an online listing might sell the home, but it also might not be enough. What will your agent do to draw interest, bring buyers, and negotiate a solid price?
  • How many seniors’ homes have you sold? Those who are experienced in helping seniors will have the sensitivity and understanding to ease the process.
  • What services do you provide to help your clients through the sale? Some agents will help coordinate the estate sale, provide names of trusted contractors, assist with staging the home, and more.
  • May I have the names of previous clients to call as references? Great agents will be happy to have you call former clients. When you do so, ask a lot of questions, and take notes.  You’ll get valuable feedback!
  • Does the contract allow me to cancel the listing at any time? Some contracts do not allow the seller to cancel during the listing period. Ask a trusted friend or legal counsel to help you understand the contract before you sign it.

If you were to trust a jeweler to sell a $250,000 ring for you, you’d make sure the jeweler had the highest standards of service, experience, and integrity. Your home sale is even more important.

SASH Realty is a full-service real estate brokerage that was founded to serve the specific needs of senior homeowners. Let us help you find a real estate agent in your area that meets our high standards!


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