dv1968003Assisting a senior through a home sale is fairly straightforward: Even with the many steps, the stress, the packing of belongings, and the transition into retirement care, it is a process that can be planned and carried out successfully. Complications of the sale can be caused by the condition of the home, or the seniors’ health or financial needs. But the majority of obstacles that delay, prevent, or turn a senior’s home sale upside down are often caused by the senior’s family. Continue reading

Options for Long Term CareWe are living longer lives than ever before. Medicines and treatments have allowed people to live full lives with chronic conditions that years ago would have shortened their life span.  Living a long life increases the probability that you will experience a time of dependence on others for daily care. If this happens, there are four options of how that care is received and paid for. Know these options in order to plan ahead and control how your care is provided if you ever need it. Continue reading

200368419-001Every week at SASH, senior homeowners call us who are considering the sale of their home. How does one make this decision? There is so much to weigh, including health, safety, finances, distance from family, daily care needs, and more. Should there be one single factor that determines it, or many? Below we have provided a list of five questions that can be asked, to assist with this decision. This is a great opportunity for a family conversation about the topic. Continue reading

Staging A Seniors HomeRecently, a friend and I had a conversation lamenting the fact that people don’t “dress up” anymore. Years ago, folks wore their best attire to church each Sunday. The ladies wore lovely dresses, and the men had suits and ties. A shopping trip downtown was a reason for ladies to put on hats, gloves, pumps and a purse. Back then, most adults would never dream of wearing pajama-like clothing to the bank or the grocery store. Continue reading

Navigating Long Distance Home SaleWorking as a diplomat in another country, Susan only had one week to fly to her father’s town in the U.S., move him into a care community, and arrange for his home to be sold. All of her professional education and globe-trotting business affairs had not prepared her for this challenge, and she wondered how she would manage it in so short of a time. Laura and her three siblings each lived in a different state, each hundreds or thousands of miles from their aging parents. Continue reading

DownsizingMr. and Mrs. Sherman, in their mid-80’s, had a house full of belongings. They were moving to an assisted living community, but their son Todd, as the only child, had no idea how he would handle their move on his own. Fortunately, the Shermans chose SASH to handle their home sale. SASH hired Karin, one of the best professional downsizers in the Seattle area, to help the Shermans make the move out of the family home. Karin came to meet the Shermans and got to know them, and their particular situation. Continue reading

SASH Realty BrokerageOne of our sayings at SASH is, “There are no do-overs in a senior’s home sale.” It’s true! A disappointing golf game or a poorly tasting meal at a restaurant can be forgotten by enjoying a better one next week, a do-over. But seniors only have one sale of their family home, and it’s often the most significant financial transaction of their life. It can also be a difficult emotional time, as the senior is leaving their place with all of the memories of family and loved ones. Continue reading

Caregiving Employees Part 2*This is Part 2 of a two-part post. Part 1 discussed the reality of caregiving employees’ burdens and how it affects the workplace. Employers are adjusting to the fact that many workers may be caregivers as well – simultaneously juggling the responsibilities of work while providing care to aging loved ones. The costs to employers can be high: workers may be distracted, fatigued, or taking leaves of absence to manage major life events for aging loved ones. Continue reading