Prepare a Senior’s Home for Sale for Under $500?

Prepare Home Under 500A common myth found among many homeowners is that their home must be near-perfect before it can be sold. At SASH, we often hear seniors and their families say that they can’t sell the home until they can remodel everything, putting in all the latest upgrades, a fancy kitchen, or a new bathroom. Often, sellers make the mistake of doing more to the home than is needed to sell it, and spending money that they won’t recover in the net proceeds of the sale.

It’s important to remember that some buyers will want to repaint, re-carpet, and remodel your home after they’ve purchased it anyway, to match their specific color and design preferences.

It isn’t necessary to spend lots of money to prepare a home for sale. If your home is structurally sound, and doesn’t have major defects or deferred maintenance, there is an option of selling it just as it is. However, you still want to present a home that is tidy, clean, and smells great for that overall positive impression.

Is it possible to spend less than $500 to prepare a senior’s home for market? You bet! There is work involved, but some elbow grease and well-placed dollars can go a long way in low-cost, great first impressions. Your home’s sale price may be less than what a remodeled home sells for, but those owners probably spent a lot of remodel money to get that price.

The following are inexpensive ideas that are proven to help market and sell a home:

  • A thorough, professional cleaning usually costs less than $500, and sets a great first impression. The kitchen and bath should sparkle!
  • Purchase a hanging basket or fresh flowers to adorn the front steps or porch.
  • Rent a storage unit just during the sale, removing as many items and furniture as possible from the home. This way, the buyer can see the spaciousness of each room.
  • Take down any dark, heavy drapes or curtains and hang light sheers instead. The outdoor light will make rooms feel larger and less dated.
  • Purchase a new welcome mat for the front entrance, and toss the mat that is worn and grungy. Thoroughly sweep the front walkway and steps, pulling away overgrown weeds. A tidy entrance to the home makes a great first impression.
  • Purchase pleasant, neutral scents for the home, such as light vanilla, cinnamon, or potpourri. Also, remove any pet odors if possible.
  • Wash the windows, or have them professionally done. Clean windows don’t cost much, but they are critical to enhancing the view of the outdoors.
  • Last tip: Ask your real estate agent to get professional photos of the home for the online listing. Quality, well-lit photos will make a big difference in drawing buyers to take a second look.

SASH Coaching Services can guide you and your family in getting a home ready for sale, and is available nationwide. Contact us for more information about how SASH can help!


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