Preparing for a Home Sale – Should You Fix It or Forget It?

SC Blog Post #1 Over the years, SASH has worked with many seniors who simply wanted the convenience of selling their home as is. However, some clients need to get the highest price possible out of the sale of their home and ask us what fixes or improvements they can make that brings the highest purchase price. There are many factors as to what brings the best return on your investment, however, there are some do’s and don’ts that apply almost every time:

Here are 5 tips to maximize your home’s appeal:

1) DO: Paint. A fresh coat of neutral paint can bring a significant upgrade to the look and feel of your home, inside and out – and with a relatively low cost. If there’s not enough time or resources to paint everything painting trims, doors and moldings goes a long way. On the home’s exterior, painting trims, exterior shutters, doors and eaves gives a huge boost to the all-important “curb appeal.”

 2) DON’T: Remodel your kitchen with a high-end overhaul! A gorgeous kitchen can help to sell your home, but a remodel can cost upwards of $50,000 (or more) which can be difficult, if not impossible to recapture at sale time. The 2013 Cost vs. Value Report by Remodeling Magazine indicates minor kitchen remodels provide a return of up to 8 percentage points higher than a major kitchen update.

3) DO: Fix plumbing problems. Plumbing leaks and drips cause damage to the wood structure and areas around them. In some parts of the home, leaks can indicate problems to pest and structural inspectors. By eliminating any plumbing issues, you can help to avoid potential buyers’ objections or concerns about the condition of your home.

4) DON’T: Repair malfunctioning appliances. In some cases, you may decide to simply remove an appliance entirely without replacing it. In others, a replacement or a credit might make more sense. If you decide on replacement, consider Craigslist, where you can find used items in good repair at a fraction of the cost of new. (Note: An FHA loan requires certain appliances be in the home at closing, like a working stove.)

5) DO:  Fix old and outdated hardware, fixtures and finishes. Hardware refers to cabinet and drawer handles, closet door and drawer slides, or hinges that squeak and make a door hard to close. Outdated light switches, door knockers and kick plates are another affordable fix.  Hardware is generally inexpensive as home fixes go, and these are the things buyers test out while they’re viewing a home

It is important to remember that it is always okay to sell your home just as it is! However, you might be surprised at how inexpensive some changes are, and how much of a style update you get for a small investment.  These tips can help your home appeal to the broadest range of potential buyers without breaking the bank.

SASH Coaching Services can assist seniors or their family members who may be facing challenges in a senior’s home sale. Our experienced, highly trained Coaches will personalize each session around the client’s specific goals and plans. We provide compassionate support and expert guidance, from as little as a one-hour session, to SASH “quarterbacking” the complete process from start to sold! Contact us for more information on our nationwide senior home sale coaching service.


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