What is SASH Coaching and How Does it Help?

Over the years that we’ve been serving seniors and their families through their home sale, there have been many calls to the SASH office from people who just need guidance, support, and resources.

One call may be from a recently widowed senior who knows the home is too big, and doesn’t know where to begin. Another call may be from a weary adult daughter who is trying to manage her parents’ home sale from hundreds of miles away. A third call may be from a retirement community, whose prospective residents are paralyzed by the overwhelming complexity of their home sale. SASH Senior Home Sale Coaching Services can assist with all of these and more.

As a nationwide service, our assistance is available to anyone who may be facing multiple challenges in a senior’s home sale.Our experienced, highly trained Coaches will personalize each session around the client’s specific goals and plans. The decision to sell a senior’s home is a significant one, with many complex steps and unpredictable challenges that can influence the outcome of the sale. Families are able to navigate this process when they have competent, experienced real estate professionals assisting them.

A question that we sometimes hear is,Why use a SASH Senior Home Sale Coach? Isn’t the real estate agent who sells the senior’s home already serving as a coach to the sellers?”

There are many reasons why a family will choose to enjoy SASH’s Coaching Services. Here are a few:

  • When the family is not yet ready to “list” the home for sale, and needs help in the steps of sorting, packing, moving, and preparing the home.
  • When the family would benefit from the guidance of specialized elder care professionals, who understand how to meet the unique needs of seniors selling their home.
  • When the family is looking for a neutral third-party service to assist them, whose advice is not influenced by the sale of the home or the final selling price.
  • When a “quarterback” is needed to coordinate the entire home sale from start to sold, as well as communicate regularly with all concerned.
  • When the agent who is listing the senior’s home is not able to gather and oversee additional services and support for the senior.
  • When the family members or senior can benefit from compassionate support on their journey, as they make their way past obstacles to achieve their goals.

SASH Coaches have many years of experience serving seniors and their families. Additionally, they receive extensive training to provide the assistance that SASH is known for: personalized support that is tailored around each client’s needs and plans.

SASH Coaching Services can help a family avoid stressful unknowns, expensive pitfalls, and costly delays in the home sale. Protect your family’s financial, emotional, and physical well-being through the home sale journey with SASH Coaching Services. We’ll be there with you, from Start to Sold!


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