SASH Clients The Sherman’s Downsizing Story

DownsizingMr. and Mrs. Sherman, in their mid-80’s, had a house full of belongings. They were moving to an assisted living community, but their son Todd, as the only child, had no idea how he would handle their move on his own. Fortunately, the Shermans chose SASH to handle their home sale. SASH hired Karin, one of the best professional downsizers in the Seattle area, to help the Shermans make the move out of the family home. Karin came to meet the Shermans and got to know them, and their particular situation.

She walked through their home with them, asking questions about their favorite household items, and what furniture they’d like to take to their new place. Her questions were important: they were downsizing from 1,800 sq. ft. to a 400 sq. ft. studio apartment. 

Next, Karin visited the Shermans new apartment at the assisted living community. She measured wall space, windows, and closets, and sketched the layout. This would help Karin know how much would fit, and how to arrange the furniture in the best way.

Karin scheduled several visits with the Shermans, keeping each visit to four hours or less to preserve their energy. She zipped through each room efficiently, creating several piles under the direction of Mr. and Mrs. Sherman: charity donation, estate sale, save for family members, new apartment, or dispose.

The visits flew by. As the Shermans talked and laughed from the comfort of their recliner chairs, Karin moved quickly, sorting, wrapping, boxing, piling, and labeling. Moving day came. The movers loaded up the recliners into their truck, as well as the TV, dressers, boxes of clothes, disassembled furniture, and wrapped wall hangings.

While the move took place, the Shermans went to their favorite restaurant for lunch. Later, after a stroll, they arrived at the community for a game of bridge. Upstairs in the Shermans’ apartment, Karin and her team were unpacking all afternoon.

Around 5:00 p.m., the room was ready. As soon as the Shermans opened the door to see it, their faces were beaming. On every wall hung the pictures they had always loved. The recliners were set up facing the TV, and Mrs. Sherman’s favorite quilt was folded over her chair. In the closet, clothing was hung neatly. From Mr. Sherman’s shaving kit, to the teacups in the china cabinet, everything was arranged as it had been at the old house.  This was home.

Hugs and smiles were shared, and Karin and her team gathered their boxes and headed out the door. After they left, the Sherman family looked around in wonder at the new surroundings.  They could hardly believe that this room had been empty just ten hours earlier. Even more incredible was that Mr. and Mrs. Sherman had glided through their move into the assisted living community without lifting a single box. “She walks on water, said Todd, with appreciation and awe.

SASH Senior Home Sale Services provides seniors with custom-designed and supported home sale experiences.  Contact us to find out how we can help your family!


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