Why Staging a Senior’s Home Makes it Sell Faster

Staging A Seniors HomeRecently, a friend and I had a conversation lamenting the fact that people don’t “dress up” anymore. Years ago, folks wore their best attire to church each Sunday. The ladies wore lovely dresses, and the men had suits and ties. A shopping trip downtown was a reason for ladies to put on hats, gloves, pumps and a purse. Back then, most adults would never dream of wearing pajama-like clothing to the bank or the grocery store.

But that is what we see today, and occasions to dress up are becoming fewer and farther between. At SASH Realty, there is an occasion for dressing up that we never miss. That is, when we put a home on the market to sell, it is dressed up! Whether we are selling a $19,000 manufactured home or a $600,000 estate, every single house is accessorized with furniture, décor, and art that create “wow” appeal when the buyer steps in the door.

When families call SASH Realty for guidance for the sale of the senior’s home, we always encourage them to get the home “staged” before listing it for sale. This is the industry name for dressing up the home.

A professional stager can work in two different ways. The most common way is to move most of the household items to the senior’s new home or to a storage unit. Then, the stager brings in furniture and décor from their inventory. These items are trendy, new-looking, and set a lovely neutral tone that adds thousands of dollars to the home’s appeal.

Another way to stage a home is to hire a stager to arrange, simplify, and spruce up the home using the homeowner’s furniture. This can create an open, tasteful look that appeals to buyers, and it costs less than bringing in staging furniture. Statistics have shown that staged homes sell faster and for higher prices than do non-staged homes or vacant homes. This is true in every region of the country, and in both hot and cold real estate markets. Why is this?

If the home is full of personal belongings and décor, buyers can’t help but feel as though they are standing in someone else’s home. They have a harder time seeing their own belongings there. But in a staged home, the buyers can imagine living there, because the home is attractive and neutral. Buyers subconsciously think, “If I bought this home, it would look this good inside.”

Home staging can range from $600 to $6,000, depending on the amount of staging furniture that is used, and the size of the home. Think of the cost this way: paying to stage a home is always less money than the first drop in the home’s price if it is not selling. It’s an investment in the sale that can pay great dividends.

Always get several written estimates to compare, and look at photos of the stager's previous work, before signing a contract. Then, sit back and enjoy the show as your home puts on its Sunday best for the sale.

SASH Realty, the full-service brokerage arm of SASH Senior Home Sale Services, can assist you with the purchase or sale of any kind of real estate: residential homes, condos, farms and acreage, investment properties, and even commercial properties. We’ll use our extensive experience to guide you through each step. Contact us to find out more!


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