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Before & After Photos

As a general contractor, SASH has provided repair and renovation services for hundreds of clients’ homes. Our goal is to help our clients sell their home for a higher price, and to receive more net proceeds from the sale, by doing improvements that bring a strong return on investment to the bottom line.

Buyers have been falling in love with SASH-renovated homes since our first renovation many years ago! The best part? Our clients don’t have to lift a finger or write a check. SASH manages all of the expense, work, and details for them all the way to closing day.

2A - Before.jpg
2B - After.jpg

A living room transformed with modern colors and finishes.

9A - Before.jpg
9B - After.jpg

This renovated home generated multiple offers and a bidding war.

3A - Before.jpg
3B - After.jpg

Under the carpets in this living room were beautiful hardwood floors.

1A - Before.jpg
1B - After.jpg

This wonderful entertainment-sized deck was repaired and painted.

49A - Before.jpg
49B - After.jpg

Professional staging provided the finishing touches for this renovation.

4A - Before.jpg
4B - After.jpg

New paint and flooring modernized this spacious living room.

12A - Before.jpg
12B - After.jpg

New garage doors and fresh exterior paint brought nice curb appeal here!

23A - Before.jpg
23B - After.jpg

An all-new primary bathroom, featuring a new vanity with a quartz countertop.

5A - Before.JPG
5B - After.jpg

SASH kept the vintage chandelier but transformed the setting around it.

26A - Before.jpg
26B - After.jpg

A bidding war ensued when this client’s renovated home was listed!

14A - Before.jpg
14B - After.jpg

The brand new sliding door showed off lovely views of the back yard.

15A - Before.jpg
15B - After.jpg

Same home, new look! Fresh and move-in ready for the new owner.

16A - Before.jpg
16B - After.jpg

This full basement room was transformed into an open, light-filled space.

28A - Before.jpg
28B - After.JPG

A top-to-bottom renovation created a much higher sale price for our client!

17A - Before.jpg
17B - After.jpg

Professional staging provides the perfect finishing touch in SASH homes.

8A - Before.jpg
8B - After.jpg

Beautiful original hardwoods were refinished here to create a lovely setting.

18A - Before.jpg
18B - After.jpg

From a dated living room to a polished and modern space!

19A - Before.jpg
19B - After.jpg

SASH provided extensive repairs on this exterior for a fresh new look.

32A - Before.jpg
32B - After.JPG

A lower level, second kitchen area gets a nice upgrade for the home sale.

10A - Before.JPG
10B - After.jpg

We create a complete presentation of the home, improving every room!

29A - Before.jpg
29B - After.JPG

This all new bathroom features a white vanity with quartz countertops.

7A - Before.jpg
7B - After.jpg

SASH rebuilt this decaying back deck to be safe, strong, and modern.

20A - Before.jpg
20B - After.jpg

All new interior finishes in this lovely family room.

21A - Before.jpg
21B - After.jpg

An overgrown front yard was transformed to create curb appeal!

34A - Before.jpg
34B - After.jpg

The period features in this dining room were absolutely stunning.

25A - Before.jpg
25B - After.jpg

A bidding war on this home created a high sale price for the owner.

13A - Before.jpg
13B - After.jpg

Even garages are prepared for market in SASH homes.

60A - Before.jpg
60B - After.jpg

This living room’s vaulted cedar ceilings were an important selling point!

37A - Before.jpg
37B - After.jpg

A basement “workshop space” was renovated here to be a bedroom.

48A - Before.jpg
48B - After.jpg

SASH helps clients monetize furniture and valuables when the home is emptied.

36A - Before.jpg
36B - After.jpg

This well-loved kitchen was opened up to the living and dining area.

31A - Before.jpg
31B - After.JPG

Fresh paint and updates made a welcoming front entrance for this home.

51A - Before.jpg
51B - After.jpg

Showing off this wall of windows created huge appeal in the home sale.

41A - Before.jpg
41B - After.jpg

A bidding war on this home resulted in extra proceeds for our client!

33A - Before.jpg
33B - After.jpg

SASH carefully preserved architectural features in this full renovation.

46A - Before.jpg
46B - After.jpg

Expert landscaping and detailed cleanup makes the home’s exterior shine!

24A - Before.jpg
24B - After.jpg

Sometimes the best marketing is to show what’s hiding behind curtains.

39A - Before.jpg
39B - After.jpg

This upstairs room enjoys lots of natural light with brand new windows!

35A - Before.jpg
35B - After.jpg

The covered front porch was updated to provide a cheerful welcome.

27A - Before.jpg
27B - After.jpg

The best features of each room are highlighted with professional photography.

52A - Before.jpg
52B - After.jpg

Stunning hardwoods and a view of greenery make this a lovely spot.

47A - Before.jpg
47B - After.jpg

SASH made this patio and backyard inviting, clean, and ready for BBQs!

38A - Before.jpg
38B - After.jpg

By choosing neutral interior colors, we create broad appeal for the homes.

40A - Before.jpg
40B - After.jpg

A basement room used for storage is made into a nice living area.

53A - Before.jpg
53B - After.jpg

This home sold in a bidding war after a complete interior renovation!

45A - Before.jpg
45B - After.jpg

SASH transformed this home to be shiny clean and move-in ready!

42A - Before.jpg
42B - After.jpg

A much loved (and full) craft room is remade into a sweet family room.

54A - Before.jpg
54B - After.jpg

In this all-new kitchen, SASH found space for additional cabinetry.

43A - Before.jpg
43B - After.jpg

Beautiful, professional staging drew in the room’s colors and natural light.

57A - Before.jpg
57B - After.jpg

Each room we renovate is ready to enjoy for years to come!

55A - Before.jpg
55B - After.jpg

SASH often does electrical and plumbing upgrades in our renovations.

58A - Before.jpg
59A - After.jpg

By creating curb appeal, SASH generated many offers from eager buyers!

50A - Before.jpg
50B - After.jpg

Before: A much loved home. After: A beautiful, desirable home for sale!

61A - Before.jpg
61B - After.jpg

This spacious, updated dining space shows off views of greenery outside.

11A - Before.jpg
11B - After.jpg

New pavement, fresh exterior paint, and landscaping all added to curb appeal!

56A - Before.jpg
56B - After.jpg

We use our expertise to help our clients’ homes sell for higher prices. Every home is unique, and gets a customized scope of work based on what will bring the best return on investment. From small cosmetic upgrades to complete, top-to-bottom renovations, SASH has managed a wide range of projects since founding in 2005. Call SASH to learn more about our services and how they can benefit you!

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