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SASH Managed Sale

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to delegate the sale of your home to someone who can manage all the steps for you? The sorting and packing, moving day and unpacking, emptying out the home, overseeing any needed repairs and updates, preparing the home for market, and then selling it? All while you are relaxing in your new home, not worrying about a thing.

This is exactly what our clients experience with the SASH Managed Home Sale.

We understand that the task of preparing a home for sale and selling it can be overwhelming for homeowners and their families. Not only are there many details to organize and coordinate, but it can require significant out-of-pocket costs, as well as months of labor and hard work. The SASH Managed Home Sale provides clients with a one-stop-shop solution, in which they can enjoy a home sale process without all of this hassle, stress, and hard work.

Here’s how a SASH Managed Home Sale works:

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Call SASH to begin!  206-501-4375 / 1-888-400-SASH (7274). One of our SASH Client Service Managers will do a home visit to get to know you, to take a look at your home, and to find out what your needs and goals are in your home sale.

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The SASH Client Service Manager creates home sale options for you with estimates, and returns on a second visit to present this to you. There is no cost or obligation to learn your home sale options with SASH.

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If you choose a SASH Managed Home Sale, we follow a unique process in which SASH is appointed the Manager of your home sale, with authority to carry out the steps as you have planned out together. Documents are drawn up and signed.

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In some cases, SASH can provide a cash advance to you from the future proceeds of the home sale. This helps offset any expenses you have during the sale process. The funds for the entire project are obtained through a short term loan.

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We can provide sorting and packing services in your home if you wish, using professional downsizers to assist with your move. They work efficiently to help distribute all of the household items according to your plans.

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On moving day, professional movers will transport your items to your new home. You can use the downsizing assistance to unpack in your new place if you wish. Items can also be distributed to family members or charity as you direct.

Movers Carrying Household Items - service with SASH
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If you have household items of value that you wish to monetize, SASH can help coordinate services for an estate sale or online auction of these items. This is optional, and depends on the size and number of items to be sold.

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After the home has been emptied out, SASH manages any repairs or updates to the home that will increase its value and prepare it for market. We can do light cosmetic work or extensive renovation work as needed.

SASH Manages repairs for senior homeowner sellers
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When the home is ready for market, SASH Realty lists and sells the home on your behalf. Our goal is to create the best possible outcome for you with the highest sale price, and we work hard to achieve this in the sale.

#9 Step - SASH Managed Home Sale
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After closing, SASH prepares a report on the outcome of the sale, distributing the net proceeds from the sale to you. SASH is paid small portion of the net proceeds; we are not paid a dollar until the project has been completed for you.

SASH Services works with the entire family

The SASH Managed Home Sale is tailored for each and every client according to their specific needs and goals. We’ve never provided the same home sale twice, as each client’s home, needs, and goals are unique and personal.

Since providing the first SASH Managed Home Sale in 2009, we’ve served many, many clients and families all around the Puget Sound region. In each case, SASH manages the multitude of responsibilities and steps of the home sale on behalf of our client, working hard to maximize our client’s net proceeds.

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We invite you to read our Client Testimonials page. Many of these clients wrote about their experience with a SASH Managed Home Sale. You can also visit our Before and After Photos page to see samples of our renovation work on clients’ homes. There are several Client Stories to read as well, providing an idea of how SASH creates customized solutions for each of our valued clients.

Do you have additional questions about our SASH Managed Home Sale?

Here are Frequently Asked Questions in a downloadable flyer to learn more!

The SASH Managed Home Sale is ideal for homeowners and their families who wish to sell their home for as much as possible, but do not wish to carry all of the work and expense along the way.  It is ideal for:

  • Senior homeowners who are downsizing into retirement living

  • Families of senior homeowners who are caring for their senior loved one and also need to sell the home

  • Homeowners who are limited in time, energy, or resources to prepare their home for sale

  • Property owners who live out of the area and cannot manage the sale from afar

  • Those who could benefit from a cash advance well in advance of the home sale

  • Personal representatives managing the sale of a home in an estate or in probate

… And many more.

Managed Sale Before SASH Remodelled
Managed Sale After SASH Remodel

The SASH Managed Sale is an excellent home sale choice for many families. We invite you to call SASH to learn how we can assist you with your specific home sale goals. All inquiries are no obligation and confidential. We’re happy to answer your questions and provide additional information, so that you can be well informed and confident in the decisions ahead.

Delivering outstanding home sale services is what SASH was founded to do.

We look forward to serving you!

Homes Sold With A SASH Managed Sale 

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