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Home Sale Services

At SASH, we understand that your home sale journey is unique to you. No one has a home like yours, or the same needs and goals, or the same timeline that you do. The sale of one’s home is a very significant and deeply personal life event.

For this reason, SASH’s home sale services are individually tailored around each client. We take time to listen to you, designing a plan that will work best for you, in terms of timeline, support services, budget, and desired outcome. We go at your pace, and we’re here for every step, from start to sold. Your home sale deserves this level of attention and care.

What you’ll find at SASH is a wide range of support services in addition to our full service brokerage. We provide options such as packing and moving support, estate sale services, full renovations or light repairs, cash advances on the proceeds of a home sale, complete management services, and much, much more.


We invite you to learn more below! You can also call us with your specific questions or to schedule a home visit, at 206-501-4375. 

Market Listing:

SASH Realty, our full-service brokerage, offers a complete range of services to list your home or property on the market. Our high standards of presentation and professionalism result in great outcomes for our clients. We can list any type of home, and can also assist you with the purchase of your next home.

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SASH Managed Sale:

In a SASH Managed Sale, our clients can move to their new home, leaving the details, work, and management of their home sale to SASH. Our packing, moving, estate sale, and renovation services are “wrapped up” in the home sale budget, requiring no out of pocket costs for our client. Ask about the cash advance!

SASH Managed Sale, SASH Realty, Full Service Brokerage Seattle Area
SASH Home Purchase:

There are situations in which homeowners would benefit from a private home sale. SASH may be able to purchase your home directly. We’ve provided this home sale option since 2006, offering custom closing dates, packing and moving services, and a timeline tailored around your specific needs. Call for details!

SASH Home Purchase, SASH Services, buy a senior's home
Unique Situations:

Perhaps you find yourself in a home sale situation that is difficult or complex, with obstacles that seem overwhelming. There’s a very good chance SASH can help. Our years of experience, together with our unique range of services, enable SASH to provide valuable home sale solutions. Call to find out more. 

Unique Situations for Senior's Home Purchase, SASH Services, SASH Realty

Find out about Resources that SASH offers, which can provide valuable guidance and tips in many home sale situations. Or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, where you’ll find answers to many of your questions about how SASH works. You are always welcome to contact us directly to take the next step. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you!

We invite you to learn more about SASH’s outstanding range of home sale services here on our informative website. Read Client Stories to gain a sense of the different ways that we serve our clients and their families.  Check out the Before and After Photos to see some examples of the work we’ve done over the years. 

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Contact Us

To learn more about SASH Services and our customized home sale options, you are welcome to call or e-mail anytime. Or, fill out the simple form below. We look forward to the opportunity to provide you with outstanding service, from “start to sold.” 

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