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SASH Services Client Testimonials

Tailored home sale for older adults

"My aunt had a home with a lot of deferred maintenance and in need of an update. Rebecca led her team to repair and remodel the house to put it on the market as quickly as possible and got a bidding war to net my aunt more than she could have ever gotten otherwise and much faster. I cannot thank them enough! I highly recommend SASH services! Now my aunt can live out her days without skimping on care, and can live in a good community without worrying about money for the rest of her days! Now that is truly a blessing!"

-Jeannine, SASH Client's Family

"Well done!!! You have done a fabulous job! Thank you. Seriously, we couldn't have done this without you and your team. It gives us great peace of mind that Dad and Mary are going to be ok. Not a lot of elderly people have this kind of care and comfort. We will share our experience with you and your company with others. Bless you!"

-Andrea, SASH Client's Daughter and POA

"Rebecca is exceptionally professional in addition to being a very nice person. She listens carefully and has empathy because of her own real estate experience. She encourages you to ask questions and if she doesn't have an immediate answer, she will research and call you back. I never had to wait very long for call-backs."

- Zillow Review, SASH Client

"We so appreciated your kindness Rebecca, helping, actually doing all the work selling the house for us. And yes, when others say how stressful it was getting their houses ready to sell, we do brag how easy you made it for us."

- G and E, SASH Client


"I can't express how extremely happy I am with the way that Andrea Clibborn handled the sale of my Aunt's house. She went way out of her way to help us in so many areas that another agent wouldn't have taken the time to do. Andrea took care of getting crews in to clean out the house, a very large workshop and 2 car garage with an upstairs full of storage. I was so impressed with how everything looked when she was done. So many offers came in, and she picked the one that worked the best for us. When she told us how much the house sold for, I was overwhelmed. I have referred her to several friends and business acquaintances already and will continue to do so. I believe I have a lifelong friendship with Andrea because of working with her on this project."

-Zillow Review, SASH Client

"As a former military wife, I have hired many realtors. Marisa Robba stands out as THE best I have ever dealt with. She was responsible for selling a rental that was rejected by a previous realtor because of the poor condition the house was left in. When I shared this information with Marisa, she assured me that I could get a sale with the right assistance from cleaning professionals who had dealt with such situations before. Within a few weeks, the property was cleaned up and put on the market. Offers came in immediately. The property sold for $40K more than similarly listed properties in the area. All along, Marisa kept in close touch and coordinated all services needed. Her knowledge of community resources plus the real estate market made what at first seemed to be a nightmare, turn into a happy success story. You will find no more professional and caring person for your real estate needs."

- Zillow Review, SASH Client

"Andrea is such a pleasure to work with and so professional.  She really cares about getting the client the best deal on the sale.  Andrea is very in tune to the needs of her customers.  She always knew what I needed before I knew myself.  The whole SASH process was so easy because of Andrea and the team members that worked on the sale of my house."

- Zillow Review, SASH Client

Testimonials For SASH Senior Services

“Many calls – visits – texts to keep me constantly up to date. SASH kept me informed and up to date each step of the way – going out of their way with the re-location process and purchase of a new home!! Could not have done this on my own. The end results were beyond my expectations.”

~ Joyce M, SASH Client

“Without a doubt, SASH made my mom’s home sale as simple and hassle-free for us as they could. You wish for it, and they make it happen.”  

~ Kris B., SASH Client’s daughter

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I cannot thank you enough!!!! You did such an excellent job all the way around-truly amazing!!!! Thank you very much for all the work you have done for my mom and me. Finding you was a true blessing. My mom's little house went from the shabbiest to the best looking in the neighborhood, in such a short time.” 

~ Lynn E., SASH Client's Daughter

“We want to thank you for your assistance in selling my mother’s home. We received the check today and it was more than we expected. We can’t even put into words how much SASH meant to us. We would gladly recommend the program. Thank you sincerely.”

~ Donna L., SASH Clients’ Daughter

“This was a rare experience.  We were kept informed through phone calls and emails of the progress, and never experienced any anxiety during this process.  Your service was just perfect with wonderful results.  We were so pleased with the transformation of my mother’s home!” 

~ Carol A., SASH Client’s Daughter

“The home sale process was ‘handled’, and carefully and patiently explained as we went along.  One of my concerns was all the ‘stuff’ I wasn't bringing with me and all of it was taken care of.  I have been spreading the word far and wide.” 

~ Margaret S., SASH Client

“We felt SASH was very honest and clear about events happening and events to come. Phone calls were always returned promptly. I’m still in disbelief!  They actually did what they said they would do.  We would absolutely recommend SASH.”

~ Bill and Karen C., SASH Clients

Testimonials For SASH Senior Services

“They really supported me in everything, with real sincerity and compassion. They included my son and daughter in all aspects of the deal. Extremely prompt and helpful in the whole process. It was like a dream!” 

~ Bertha M., SASH Client

“From the first visit we were made to feel special. SASH couldn't have been more helpful.  If we didn't understand some procedure or such, they used utmost patience and made sure we understood.  SASH was a godsend!” 

~ Bobbie B., SASH Client

“Your understanding, showing of respect and caring manner was exemplary.  You went above and beyond what was expected as you helped sort, pack, move, relocate and be there in person, or phone with daily communication.” 

~ Pat Z., SASH Client’s Niece

Testimonials For SASH Senior Services

“Everything was explained so I could understand and any questions were answered.  My specific needs were met, as I am a widow and could not have done the paper work and etc. alone.  I will recommend SASH to others.”

~ Mary Anne H., SASH Client

“I especially appreciate your adjusting to fit my needs with closing and moving. You combine the highest standards of excellence and professionalism with an unmistakable fondness for your clients that is second to none!  You guys are the best!” 

~ Christy T., SASH Client

“SASH far surpassed our expectations with their tremendously caring attitude and follow-through, even after the sale was complete. SASH made the sale quick and easy – and provided extra moving services that were greatly needed.” 

~ Sue N., SASH Client’s Daughter

“SASH was very professional every time we met.  Everything was explained well and we communicated often.  I’ve already told several people about SASH.  I tell them that it’s the easiest pain free way to sell and get through this kind of step.  What a blessing.” 

~ Jenny P., SASH Client’s Caregiver

“Very professional and accommodating.  Everything was communicated very clearly.  We got what we needed, as do appreciate it.  The home sale process was very easy.  We did almost nothing.  They presented everything with ease. Top notch!” 

~ Tom and Sharon F., SASH Clients  

“We were concerned about selling our other home, and Rebecca made it so stress-free.  We were very happy with the service in total. So professional, and yet very friendly and helpful.” 

~ Kay D., SASH Client

“You cannot have the process of selling your home any easier than how the SASH made it. SASH helped in relieving the STRESS of having to sell our mother's home.  All we would have to do is gather what the family wanted from the home and SASH would take care of the rest.  My wife and I recommend this program whenever possible.” 

~ Don L., SASH Client’s Son

Testimonials For SASH Senior Services

“I told my friends about SASH and what a relief it all is-- when someone like you is taking care of it all.  The farther away in time that we get from the house sale, the more we realize what a good choice we made in going with you and SASH. I trusted SASH and I’m glad I did. Thanks again.” 

~ Lydia N., SASH Clients’ Sister

“SASH relieved us of the worry, expenses, and maintenance of trying to sell on our own.  It was very easy and satisfactory.  Signed papers and left the work and worry up to SASH.  Your program is awesome and geared for people like my Mom and Dad. Take care and God bless you for your concern for the elderly.” 

~ Dian B., SASH Client’s Daughter

“From packing to moving to closing, SASH made everything as easy as possible. We couldn’t have done it on our own.  Selling a home is difficult for younger people, let alone those in their 90’s.  SASH handles all of the details and always seems to have the seniors’ best interests at heart!  Again, my sincerest thanks.”  

~ Tom S., SASH Clients’ Son

Testimonials For SASH Senior Services

“…Always courteous, professional and there with a timely answer.  All communication about the sale price and terms of the sale was clear and open.  I was able to easily move into my new residence quickly.  I did not have to do anything!  I will be recommending SASH.” 

~ Cheryl T., SASH Client 

“I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done. I've never been treated this nice. I really appreciate it.  Thanks also for the care and concern for my pets.” 

~ Megan S., SASH Client

“…Very courteous.  They always called prior to arrival at our home and gave us straight answers.  They gave their word and kept it.  The selling was easy and the moving company was very professional and efficient.  Thanks for a job done professionally and very well executed.” 

~ Herman and Marcella W., SASH Clients

“You explained everything well; very personal and excellent follow-up.  Because of the time situation, this took a lot of worry away from us.  You were so pleasant to work with and we appreciate all your help.  We won't hesitate to offer your services to others who cross our path.” 

~ Diane and Rick S., SASH Client’s Family

“From the first moment we knew this was a first class program.  Every aspect and every step of the process was clearly explained and all questions answered.  Our elderly family member needed a ‘hassle free’ sale that accounted for her needs and that is exactly what she received.  All of the details are handled by SASH...  Excellent.” 

~ Donna L., SASH Client’s Daughter

“The SASH Team provided open and clear communication throughout the process.  They would go out of their way to see us to keep us informed.  SASH made the transition to our new retirement community very convenient and less stressful.” 

~ Alfredo J., SASH Client

"We will definitely recommend SASH. This process saved us so much time and work. We were able to walk away and take care of our mother. The staff was great.”

~ Donna C., SASH Client’s daughter

Testimonials For SASH Senior Services

“The SASH Team was always courteous and professional.  I appreciated frequent calls with updates, and kindness to my 95 year old stepfather.  The move was made as quickly, and easily as possible – much appreciated.  The home selling process was made easy.  I have already told many people of your company and how it works.” 

~ Gretchen H., SASH Client’s Family 

“The SASH Team was a fine combination of professionalism, warmth and understanding.  We showed SASH’s offer to an independent real estate agent who confirmed all the figures.  My step mother was extremely anxious about selling.  She felt immediate relief when she committed to SASH.  Keep up the great work!” 

~ Paula T., SASH Client’s Family

“The SASH Team was very courteous and professional.  They answered all of our questions honestly, backed with documentation.  SASH made the selling process easy for us!  We did not have the difficulties of repairing, painting, or meeting buyers’ demands prior to selling.  We are your best walking advertisements!” 

~ Herb and Marji S., SASH Clients

Testimonials For SASH Senior Services

“All the team members were obviously trained and skilled in dealing with the needs of seniors. It was an indescribable relief to let go of the complications of remodeling and the selling process. At every opportunity we try to tell other seniors about your levels of service and our delight in dealing with you. You are not too good to be true. Thank you.” 

~ Kathleen D. and Raylene B., SASH Clients

“I still believe our guardian angel sent you to us.” 

~ Debbie H., SASH Client’s Daughter

“Very understanding, patient and gracious dealing with our family.  My mother-in-law really needed an outside-the-family voice of reason to assist her in the downsizing process. It would have been extremely stressful and difficult to do this ourselves.  Thank you so much!  I am so pleased, I told my relatives and they thought it was a brilliant process.” 

~ Janine B., SASH Client’s Family

“SASH was extremely patient and helpful with this particular home process, which was very complicated and tedious. They did an excellent job; I cannot thank them enough. They were extremely responsive at all times. They were extremely diligent when looking through my mother’s possessions and found many sentimental items… Very compassionate and professional.” 

~ Sara S., SASH Client’s Daughter

“The SASH staff treated me with courtesy and professionalism at all times throughout the sale. At any time I had questions or concerns, they were quick to provide open and clear communications on all subject matters. I cannot thank SASH and their staff members sufficiently in accomplishing the goal of selling my house and taking care of all the incidentals.” 

~ James B., SASH Client

“The SASH Team treated us exceptionally well and listened to our cares and concerns about the process. Their written quote was very easy to understand and we were able to have a quick, easy sale of the house without any worries.” 

~ Sherry G., SASH Client’s Daughter

“Peter always met us at convenient locations for us and on our time table. So kind! Always had quick, excellent responses to questions and requests.  Extremely helpful referrals to help meet our needs, understanding of our particular situation, a fair price.” 

~ Victoria H., SASH Client’s daughter

Testimonials For SASH Senior Services

“They were prompt and always on time for our meetings and most importantly very professional!  They were very clear as to the procedures that would be followed to have a successful sale and closing.  Each of our needs was met with clear and concise responses and in terms that we easily understood.” 

~ Carolyn H., SASH Client

“SASH always returned phone calls and emails. They went above and beyond to make sure this would work for us; remaining flexible as the situation changed over 21 months.  The house was sold, and her belongings were cleaned out with care.  Throughout the entire time we felt like we had a partner who cared, walking with us.”  

~ Kaye L., SASH Client’s Daughter

“I would like to thank you and your company for working so hard to stand by your vision statement of helping seniors. I am very grateful for what you did. Rebecca was intent on assisting my wife and me, and stayed on top of the escrow process and found a buyer.  Rebecca, as the person in charge, was very kind.  She is truly a woman of integrity.”

~ Richard D., SASH Client

Testimonials For SASH Senior Services

“SASH was always kind, courteous, and professional and answered our questions promptly. It was such a relief to entrust SASH with all the details and not worry about the sale of the home at all.”  

~ Doris B., SASH Client

“Things were always explained very thoroughly and family members were included.  I was completely “at home” when the movers left!  Everything was made easy – did not have to do any packing and unpacking, and was able to leave behind unwanted items.  I will absolutely be recommending SASH!” 

~ Nancy B., SASH Client

“SASH was very courteous and patient with our questions and time limits.  Everything was clear and concise.  Dad was treated with kindness and compassion.  From the beginning they simplified the process of selling Dad’s home.  This type of service fulfills a real need with compassion and care.” 

~ Victoria H., SASH Client’s Daughter

“It was very important to me that there was never any pressure involved, and I appreciate the sensitivity about my situation.  I’m sure I repeated questions, and they patiently repeated answers.  They always came to where I was, were always friendly, kind and personable.  All was done in a very short amount of time.” 

~ Joan E., SASH Client

“You folks are honestly providing a necessary service. …Always willing to answer any question, go any extra mile to answer my questions. Everything was straight up! I feel your proposal made sense and the outcome was equitable. Would definitely recommend SASH - have already done so. Good work! Good people! Thank you!”  

~ Gordon H., SASH Client

“Your team was very courteous and professional. My wife is hard of hearing. When your team answered her questions, they were consistent and slow in answering so she was able to understand perfectly what was said.” 

~ Duane P., SASH Client

“I couldn’t have gone through this whole thing without SASH. Rebecca helped me arrange everything and she had my best interest at heart. I feel that Rebecca really cares about me and made things as easy for as was possible.” 

~ Vivian L., SASH Client

Testimonials For SASH Senior Services

“SASH explained everything about the program, were so thoughtful and genuinely kind through the whole process. We felt as though they really cared about us and what we were going through. They came to us with comparables, different options, and let us know exactly what every step would be. SASH was there to help! Thank you for being there.”

~ Candice E., SASH Client’s daughter

“This was an accelerated process in that my dad made a surprise decision to move much sooner than his previous plans. The sale of a home is a complex event and SASH had all the pieces ready to go quickly based on past experience. It was a seamless one stop transaction. I would recommend SASH without reservation… Flexible, caring and professional.”  

~ Rick G., SASH Client’s son

“The SASH Team was an answer to our prayers.  My mom wasn’t clear as to how everything would happen, but SASH was kind and gentle, and she felt she was in good hands. I wish everyone going through this transition with an aging parent could have this type of experience. It went like clockwork, no snags, and with no problems. Thank you.” 

~ Suzie B., SASH Client’s daughter

Testimonials For SASH Senior Services

“With SASH, the client is treated like family. What wouldn’t anyone do for family? All of my friend’s needs were met – above and beyond what anyone could expect of a real estate service. SASH, as far as I am concerned, is at the very top of the home sale services involving seniors. Nobody does it like SASH!”   

~ Tom V., SASH Client’s friend

“Peter was a man of his word. All the time lines given were, once again, above my expectations. All of you were life savers! Honest, fair, fast, and fun to work with.”  

~ Viola B., SASH Client

“SASH answered all our questions and we knew what to expect throughout the entire process. It was a move we needed to make and SASH made it relatively easy. We have already told many people about you; it is a badly needed service for seniors.” 

~ Bill and Colleen M., SASH Clients

“SASH did a great job. They were so kind and really cared about my family. There is no way I would have had the time or resources to do a remodel and even get the house cleared and ready to sell. SASH does so much to make everything easier, and they really know how to get the home ready to sell. They did a fantastic job.”  

~ Sharyl W., SASH Clients’ daughter

“SASH helped sell my mother’s home with the utmost care for our feelings. My mother had passed, but SASH took care of my sister and me as if she were still alive. I never had to worry. In recommending your service to others, I would tell them to just step back and let SASH take care of you. Thank you!” 

~ Alice C., SASH Client’s daughter

“The team was very patient and went out of their way to show us the improvements to my mother’s house. They helped her sort through her possessions, and did all the leg work through renovation, determining price, and moving mom. SASH saved us a lot of stress.” 

~ Sharlynn M., SASH Client’s daughter

“From start to finish, the SASH team was a joy to deal with. Any questions we had were answered with honesty, and they took away all my worries and stress. “Kudos” to all involved!”  

~ Connie S., SASH Client

Testimonials For SASH Senior Services

“Thank you. Everything went just the way you said it would go. I can’t begin to say “thanks a million.” It was a pleasure working with you. What an impossible task this would have been if it was up to me to try to renovate and sell. I am indebted to your company. God bless SASH and all the great people that make SASH what it is!!!”  

~ Roy B., SASH Client’s son

“SASH went the extra mile for my sister. It was a comfort to my wife and me to let the take care of everything. We didn’t have to put it on the market or make any repairs; SASH took care of everything. For us, it was worry-free. The best part was how well they took care of my sister, including moving her to her new apartment.” 

~ Ben D., SASH Client’s brother

“You guys were a lifesaver; I could not have done this alone! You made us feel very comfortable throughout the whole process. Everything you promised, you delivered on; I never felt pushed or pressured.  It was efficient, easy, comfortable, and fair. The team was amazing; they were knowledgeable and empathetic at the same time.” 

~ Linda C., SASH Client’s daughter

Testimonials For SASH Senior Services

“When I called to sell the home, you were prompt and professional.  You were always very courteous, explained things in an understandable way. We were treated like we were important to you. We felt the offer and terms of the sale were fair.” 

~ Steve S., SASH Clients’ Son

“The SASH Team members were never pushy but were always available.  They understood our circumstances and that was very helpful.  From my perspective it was very clear and you explained all the pieces.” 

~Wendy M., SASH Client’s Niece

“Rebecca treated us with 110% courtesy and professionalism. She provided us with suggestions and guidance which we were desperate for. This was a complicated case, and Rebecca certainly had my friend’s back and heart all the way through. If it weren’t for SASH, I’m afraid my friend would still be living in the house, which was collapsing around her. What a relief that SASH handles the process with love and devotion! SASH have us hope, encouragement, and options!!”  

~ Ann G., SASH Client’s friend

“Rebecca was always thoughtful, considerate, very professional and above all, understanding. Working with Rebecca, you can always tell that she truly cares about the needs of her clients. The overall service of SASH was excellent. SASH was able to go in and complete the tasks that we could not do, and in a timely manner. The best part of working with SASH is that Rebecca did what she said she would do. We were so pleased with the finished product and our net proceeds came in where we expected them to.” 

~ Michelle W., SASH Client’s Daughter

“SASH is a “one-stop-shop” for selling a senior’s home; cleanout, contractor services, marketing and selling. They specialize in seniors and have the ability to work with a variety of situations, showing respect for clients through the whole process. Rebecca did her best to get top dollar for our mother’s house. She orchestrated everything for us. What a blessing for us that we were informed of this company.”  

~ Diana D., SASH Client’s Daughter

“SASH’s integrity, attention to detail, and comprehensive services can alleviate the stresses which could otherwise seem overwhelming. We were presented with professional solutions in a warm, courteous manner which gave us confidence that we had found folks who could really help us through many challenges of an unfamiliar process. Their anticipation of every possible need throughout the process and their unruffled way of solving problems along the way kept us in awe of their consistent caring, professional, and timely actions. We appreciated SASH’s care, warmth, and thoughtfulness…”

~ Cindy M., SASH Client’s friend

Testimonials For SASH Senior Services

“SASH absolutely simplified our home sale!! The final cleanup of debris was difficult. We were told to leave it and they would dispose of it appropriately. They did this and saved us an enormous amount of work and time. They did exactly as they promised and everything happened exactly as they said. Very impressive!” 

~ Bob M., SASH Client

“I was treated with courtesy and professionalism, and kept informed of the sale process, but also with personal contact to see how I was doing as a person. The best part was knowing that I was being taken care of, and felt comfortable, knowing the trust I have in the company and what everyone was doing for me.”  

~ Earl H.T., SASH Client

“The entire process was very transparent. SASH was incredibly courteous and professional throughout the entire process. Thankfully, due in large part to SASH’s hard work, the sale turned out better than we anticipated. We were able to access some funds from the home for my mother’s ongoing care.”

~ Laurie C., SASH Client’s daughter

Testimonials For SASH Senior Services

“My goal was to get the most for my house and not get stressed. SASH helped me reach that. They were helpful and concerned about my well-being, as well as the final outcome.” 

~ Margaret G., SASH Client

“What a team! They made sure they communicated with the right persons in our family so we could gently inform our mom, who hadn’t moved in over 40 years! We didn’t want our mom to be stressed and SASH made it easy for her.” 

~ Gary S., SASH Client’s Family

“SASH kept me informed, worked with my schedule, and explained things as many times as it took. They were very transparent with their communication. They helped with clean out options, repairs, and staging. Mom’s home needed to sell as quickly as possible to cover her medical costs. SASH went above and beyond what I had dared to dream.”

~ Martha J., SASH Client’s daughter

“Everything was handled courteously and professionally. SASH made frequent inquiries as to how we would like things done, and emails were sent in a timely fashion. Ms. Bomann even visited my dad in his new assisted living community and brought him photos that had been left in his house. From my standpoint, I can’t think of anything SASH can do better.” 

~ Ron J., SASH Client’s son

“We were incredibly happy with the service. SASH can take that feeling of being overwhelmed and put things into perspective for you. They helped us with tasks that seemed to be too much to deal with, but never pushed us. They allowed us to do the things we wanted to handle and they handled the things we had no time to do. They helped tremendously!”  

~ Mary S., SASH Clients’ daughter 

“Everyone worked really hard and they all were polite. Packing and moving can be traumatic, but they were extremely efficient. I would definitely recommend SASH.” 

~ Virginia B., SASH Client

“We never would have known where to start. We were overwhelmed. SASH took the reins and showed us every step from the beginning – and throughout – we never had a doubt. We feel blessed that we met you, worked with you, and appreciate all you’ve done!  Thank you SASH!” 

~ Nanette S., SASH Clients’ daughter

Testimonials For SASH Senior Services

Roman and his team were indispensable in helping my parents move. We could not have gotten them moved safely, fixed up the house and sold it for top dollar without them. They are honest and trustworthy. I would highly recommend working with them!

~ Zillow Review, SASH Client

Thank you profusely for everything you have done in the past few months to support my mom in the selling of her home. Your kindness, understanding, professionalism, and attention to detail made all the difference. You were amazing. Know that we truly appreciate you and all of your time and energy.

~ Zillow Review, SASH Client

Our mission at SASH has remained the same since we were founded. SASH is here to make the home sale process easy for seniors and their families, reducing stress, lifting the burden of work and expense, and delivering great results to our clients. Here are a few testimonials from SASH clients in the early years:

Our mission at SASH has remained the same since we were founded. SASH is here to make the home sale process easy for seniors and their families, reducing stress, lifting the burden of work and expense, and delivering great results to our clients. Here are a few testimonials from SASH clients in the early years:

When SASH Team members sit down in the living room of one of our clients, our goal is to create a home sale experience that is designed around our clients' specific needs and goals. Not a single home sale is alike; and yet our mission of service, respect, and integrity are visible in every single one. 

Our mission is simple. We strive to provide each client with an outstanding experience, "from start to sold". Call SASH to learn how we can design your home sale to fit your unique needs and goals. We look forward to serving you!

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