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Unique Home Sale Situations

Senior housing transition services provided by SASH Services

During SASH’s many years of providing home sale services to our clients, we have met many families who found themselves in a unique situation. They had a home to sell, but the circumstances around the home sale made it difficult to have a “normal” market sale. Since the mission of SASH is to provide above-and-beyond service to clients and their families, we are experienced in rolling up our sleeves to create custom solutions for these unique situations. 

Tailored home sale for older adults SASH Services

Perhaps the homeowner has a collection of rare items, and does not want buyers and brokers coming and going in the home. Or, the home has been vacant for some time and needs specific repairs to be ready for market. Sometimes the home must be sold in circumstances that come about suddenly, such as the hospitalization or health crisis of a loved one. Or, the home has been inherited by family members who do not live in the area. 

  • Managing market preparation for out-of-state owners and landlords

  • Overseeing the monetization of valuable items found in the home

  • Coordinating home sales for clients who are in palliative care or in hospice

  • Assisting clients whose homes are full / who have a hoarding disorder

  • Providing a “floating date” for the sale for clients on a wait list for their new home

  • Working with Powers of Attorney, Guardians, and Personal Representatives

  • Helping with donation of specific items to charities or designated recipients

  • Providing guidance with complex title issues so that the home can be sold

  • Managing the delivery of specific household items to several family members

  • Advancing funds for back property taxes so a home is not lost to tax foreclosure

  • Assisting with re-homing pets that cannot follow the owner to his/her new home

  • Relocating a car to another state to deliver to a family member

…and much more!

Our team has handled many unique tasks for our clients’ home sales, such as: 

Many times, we hear from someone who is overwhelmed as they navigate a difficult situation. Once they call SASH and learn about our our range of home sale options and assistance, they are relieved to know that there is a way through. While we cannot help in every situation, SASH’s resources and experience enable us to offer specialized solutions in most cases. We work hard to come alongside and offer support and guidance. 

Elderly relocation services
Elderly relocation services - downsizing by SASH Service

Clients often hear about SASH from trusted elder care providers, who refer them to SASH because of SASH’s reputation for being able to work “outside the box”. These elder care providers include social workers, discharge planners, placement advisors, elder lawyers, financial planners, and home care services. We are proud to work with many trusted professionals as part of the “circle of care” around our clients. 

As an example, a client was referred to SASH whose home had been sitting vacant for more than two years. In her 80s, she was not able to retrieve precious items and memorabilia from the attic of the home, or to prepare the home for market as it had extensive deferred maintenance. SASH managed all of these tasks for her, and even brought her to the home for one last visit and “goodbye” before it was sold. She never had to lift a single box.

Senior-focused real estate brokerage
Personalized home sale solutions

A client was referred to SASH who lived far away, across an ocean. Her home was occupied by tenants and she needed to sell it, but could not leave work to come manage it herself. SASH facilitated the tenants’ move-out on time, relocated valuable items in the garage to a storage unit, and prepared the home for market with cosmetic updates, landscaping, and staging. It sold quickly, and she never had to buy a single airline ticket along the way. 

Call SASH with your unique home sale situation at 206-501-4375 / 1-888-400-SASH (7274). Or e-mail us at and describe the solutions you are looking for. Our team will gather information and do all we can to help. We can also connect you with additional resources for support, guidance, and care. We look forward to serving you in the journey ahead!

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