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SASH Home Purchase

While the Market Listing home sale option is always available to our clients, and many choose the SASH Managed Home Sale, there are clients and families who call SASH and just wish to be done with the home sale. They do not want a sign in front of their yard, buyers and brokers coming and going, or weeks / months of waiting for the sale to be completed. For these clients, the SASH Home Purchase is the best option and one that serves their needs.

The SASH Home Purchase is simply that. In certain circumstances, SASH can make an offer to purchase your home or property outright, providing a private and customized sale that is built entirely around your needs and plans. Many of the stressful unknowns are eliminated with this home sale option, as we can sit down and determine all of the details together as part of our purchase agreement with you.

SASH has been providing the SASH Home Purchase option to clients and their families since 2006, with a long track record of completed sales and delivering on our commitments. From high rise city condos to cozy starter homes, from well-cared for residences in desirable neighborhoods to handyman “fixers”, SASH has a wide range of experience in providing this home sale option to clients.

  • You can choose a closing date that works well for your schedule and plans.

  • There is no sign in the yard, no lockbox on the door; it is a private sale.

  • The home is purchased in its “as-is” condition; no repairs or updates required.

  • Any unwanted household items can be left behind in the home at closing.

  • Closing can take place even if you live outside the area; no need to be present.

  • Sorting, packing, and moving services can be included in the sale if you wish.

  • Additional, custom services can be provided; inquire about your specific situation.

  • The sale price is lower than what you would expect to sell the property for in a market listing; SASH does not pay market value for the home.

  • All terms and conditions are presented up front, as well as other SASH home sale options for your consideration.

The following are specific features of the SASH Home Purchase:

Clients for whom a SASH Home Purchase is the ideal choice:  a) Those who need a “time-certain” closing date for any reason;  b) Those who do not want to be subject to the unknowns of the regular market;  c) Those who wish to have a private sale for any reason;  d) Those who need additional services “rolled into” the closing, with no funds out of pocket;  e) Those who just want to be “done” with the property, for any reason.

What is the difference between a SASH Home Purchase, and selling your home to a “house-flipper”? There are many differences. SASH, as an established elder care provider, is accountable to an enormous network of senior service professionals. We do not engage in the common underhanded practices of house-flippers. Our goal is to maximize our clients’ net proceeds, and to provide a host of custom support services and assistance.

Here’s how it works:

  • Call SASH to begin!  206-501-4375 / 1-888-400-SASH (7274). One of our SASH Client Service Managers will do a home visit to get to know you, to take a look at your home, and to find out what your needs and goals are in your home sale.

  • The SASH Client Service Manager creates home sale options for you with estimates, and returns on a second visit to present these to you. There is no cost or obligation to for this service. You can request a SASH Home Purchase estimate.

  • If you choose a SASH Home Purchase, we design the closing date, additional services provided, and terms around your specific needs and plans. Documents are drawn up and signed, and we proceed forward with the steps as agreed. SASH carries out a home inspection to confirm the condition of the home.

  • While we proceed to closing, SASH can provide sorting and packing services in your home if you wish, using professional downsizers to assist with your move. They work efficiently to help distribute all of the household items according to your plans.

  • On moving day, professional movers will transport your items to your new home. You can use the downsizing assistance to unpack in your new place if you wish. Items can also be distributed to family members or charity as you direct.

  • If you have household items of value that you wish to monetize, SASH can help coordinate services for an estate sale or online auction of these items. This is optional, and depends on the size and number of items to be sold.

  • Sorting, packing, moving, and estate sale services are completely optional and are available “a la carte”. You can choose to utilize none of these additional services, or the ones that you specifically need, or all of them.

  • We proceed to closing according to the timeline agreed, and are there to assist through the final steps of the home sale process. We’re there with consistent communication, guidance, and support, “from start to sold”!

Samuel T. was downsizing into a retirement community, and needed move-in funds by a certain date. He didn’t want to risk a market listing of his home, with unknown closing dates and outcomes. Samuel called SASH, chose a SASH Home Purchase, and was planned his home sale around his needs and schedule. Closing day arrived as planned, and the home sale funds were available for his new home. “Thanks to you and SASH… I am enjoying my new life here.”

At SASH, it is our goal to provide an outstanding home sale experience to each and every client. This means something different for each person we serve. For some, it is a carefully planned market listing. For others, it is having our support services available each step of the way. And for others, it is having a home sale that is “certain and sold”, with as little hassle as possible. Call SASH to learn more about how we can tailor make your home sale journey experience!

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