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Client Stories

Mr. Tisdale Story:  

For several years, Mr. Tisdale had faithfully cared for his wife as she battled cancer. After she passed away, he knew that the house was too big for him to care for. He found an independent living community nearby. But money was tight. He could not pay for the mortgage on his home, as well as rent for his new housing, at the same time. There was no way to time it perfectly.

How SASH Helped:  

SASH provided Mr. Tisdale with a SASH Managed Sale, covering all the house expenses so he could move to his new home right away. He also enjoyed packing and moving services from SASH with no funds out of pocket. SASH renovated his home and sold it for a much higher price, netting Mr. Tisdale more than expected. He was overjoyed at the outcome.

Tisdale Client Story SASH Services

What the client said:

“The best part was knowing that I was being taken care of, and felt comfortable knowing the trust I have in the company and what everyone was doing for me.”

Wendell Client Story SASH Services

What the client said:

The Wendell Family Story:  

Mrs. Wendell had lived in her home over fifty years, and raised her daughters there. Now, she needed 24-hour care, but her home had to be sold to pay for the care. There were decades of belongings throughout the home, and blackberry bushes filled the backyard. Her family was overwhelmed by the work to get the home cleaned out, at the same time as caring for their mother.

How SASH Helped:

SASH provided complete sorting and packing services, from the basement to the attic. The yard of overgrown bushes was cleared and tidied. SASH made the home “sale-ready”, requiring no out of pocket cost to the Wendell family. They could focus on caring for their mother, now in hospice care, instead of the house. SASH sold the home for over $20,000 more than expected.

“What a blessing for us that we were informed of this company. We would definitely recommend SASH to other senior homeowners and their families.”

The Nishimura Family Story:

Now that the Nishimuras were almost 90 years old, their home was too much to care for. They chose an apartment at a nearby assisted living community, but funds were low until the home was sold. Their home was mostly original, and would have to sell “as-is”. The Nishimuras’ daughter worried that her father would fall in his home.

How SASH Helped:

SASH provided the Nishimuras with a cash advance from the future sale of their home, which would pay for assisted living costs while SASH managed the home sale.  SASH also provided modern updates to the home, resulting in a much higher sale price than an “as-is” sale. The Nishimuras had no out of pocket costs for these services.

Nishimura Client Story SASH Services

What the family said: 

“We never would have known where to start. We were overwhelmed. SASH took the reins and showed us every step from the beginning. We feel blessed that we met you, worked with you, and appreciate all you’ve done! Thank you SASH!”

Camareno Client Story SASH Services

What the family said:  

The Camareno Family Story:  

For decades, Mrs. Camareno had been a pillar in her community. Her home was “Grand Central”, and her children, family members and neighbors grew up under her care. Now in her 80s, she lived in an adult family home, and her daughter / Power of Attorney was tasked with selling the home.

How SASH Helped:

So that the Camareno family could focus on their mother’s care, SASH managed every detail of the home sale process - from delivering household items and memorabilia to family members, to overseeing a complete cleanout of the home, to renovating it from top to bottom. SASH sold the home for full price in 7 days, providing funds for Mrs. Camareno’s ongoing care.

“The overall service of SASH was excellent. It was such an emotional time in our family. SASH was able to go in and complete the tasks that we could not do, and in a timely manner. The best part of working with SASH is that Rebecca did what she said she would do.”

The Simons Family Story:

Mr. Simons had many happy memories of raising his family in his big 2-story home, but it was time to sell. His wife’s Alzheimers was advancing, and it was very challenging to care for her at home. He and his daughter found a senior community, where he could live independently, and his wife could benefit from specialized memory care. Their biggest obstacle: selling the family home.

How SASH Helped:

After Mr. and Mrs. Simons moved to their new home, SASH organized an estate sale to monetize the remaining household belongings. Next, SASH managed a full renovation to maximize the home’s sale price, with a new kitchen and bathrooms, refinished hardwoods, a new deck, and more. The Simons were spared all of this hard work and stress, and the home sold quickly and for a great price!

Simons Client Story SASH Services

What the family said:  

“Thank you so much for all you did! Your staff is so awesome, it’s been such a pleasure working with you and your company.”

Schwarz Client Story Senior-focused real estate

What her friend said:  

The Schwarz Family Story

Mrs. Schwarz and her disabled daughter enjoyed their century-old home together in a vibrant, walkable neighborhood. After Mrs. Schwarz moved to nursing care, her daughter could not maintain the home. It fell into disrepair. Her physical limitations made the move and home sale feel like an insurmountable task.

How SASH Helped:

SASH provided packing and moving services for the daughter to an independent living community, with care to preserve her precious memorabilia from her home. Following a full SASH-managed renovation, the home sold in 5 days at top market value. Along the way, SASH provided above-and-beyond care to the daughter as she transitioned to her new life.

“If it weren’t for SASH, I’m afraid my friend would still be living in the house, which was collapsing around her. What a relief that SASH handles the process with love and devotion! SASH have us hope, encouragement, and options!”

Ms. Harris' Story:  

When Ms. Harris passed away, her nearest family lived over 3,000 miles away. How could they manage the sale of her home from such a distance, they wondered? Though they flew out for two weeks to put in long days cleaning it out, their time ran out, and they needed expert local assistance.

How SASH Helped:

Ms. Harris’ family chose a SASH Managed Home Sale as the best route. They were able to fly home to the East Coast soon after. SASH handled every detail in the home sale, arranging for valuables to be auctioned online, preparing the home for sale, and selling it. The family was thrilled with the net proceeds and SASH’s efficient work.

Harris Client Story SASH Services

What Ms. Harris’ family said:  

“They absolutely treated us with courtesy AND care. Our aunt had recently passed away and we needed help in selling her home and some of her belongings. The SASH team knew how to care for our emotional as well as practical needs. This company is the one you want to call.”

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