Navigating the sale of a senior’s home can be overwhelming and stressful. There are a multitude of steps to coordinate, tasks to complete, and timelines to follow. At SASH, we are here to provide guidance and assistance through each phase of the journey, from the early planning stages, to packing and moving, divesting household items, preparing the home for market, and all the way to the final sale. 

Here you’ll find helpful resources for senior homeowners, for families of seniors, and for elder care providers. Additionally, we welcome your phone call or email inquiry with your specific questions for additional guidance and information.

Helpful Resources & Information

Ever wondered how much it costs to sell a home? How to choose a good broker for your sale? Or how to know whether it’s the right decision for Grandma to sell her home? Find valuable guidance, tips, and links on our Helpful Resources page, through easy-to-follow videos, downloadable articles, and radio shows.

For Families of Seniors

When the time comes for a senior to sell their home, the responsibility to manage this enormous step often falls to family.  The journey that follows can be emotionally, physically, and financially daunting. SASH offers home sale options designed to lift the burden, with guidance, support, and help along the way.

For Elder Care Providers

As an elder care provider, your passion for serving our older population often means above-and-beyond effort to find the best care and resources for your senior clients. Learn how SASH works alongside elder care providers as a team to reduce stress and obstacles in the home sale. It’s been our mission since 2005.

SASH’s Network of Resources

SASH collaborates every week with social workers, lawyers, financial planners, discharge planners, assisted living directors, home care agencies, senior center directors, and many more. When you choose SASH as your real estate firm, you’re also connecting to this trusted network of support and assistance.

No one should have to navigate the home sale process without a strong network of support and guidance around them. It’s a significant life step! Benefit from the expertise of experienced and caring professionals to create the best outcome possible for your home sale.

You’ll find lots of help here on our website, but you are always welcome to call SASH with specific questions. We look forward to being of assistance to you and your family.

Contact Us

To learn more about SASH Services and our customized home sale options, you are welcome to call or e-mail anytime. Or, fill out the simple form below. We look forward to the opportunity to provide you with outstanding service, from “start to sold.” 

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