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Jessica Avery

Behind the scenes at SASH, behind the client care and expert transaction work that our team of Realtors does for buyers and sellers in the field, SASH has a proprietary web application that enables our “magic” to take place. Jessica Avery is entrusted with the oversight, improvement, and overall user experience of this software (Patent Pending: USPTO # 17/931510), making her an invaluable part of the SASH Team. We rely on Jessica to keep it in top technical condition so that our clients can receive the most accurate net proceeds estimates, the most finely crafted home sale options, and the best outcome possible in their home sale. 

Jessica brings a keen eye for software development to SASH, with an ideal blend of attention to detail, strong technical skills, and a commitment to make the user experience better and better. She graduated from Western Washington University with a B.S. in Computer Science, having worked on a number of software development projects during her studies. 

When she is not working on software development, debugging, and maintenance, Jess enjoys cats, and spent years fostering and volunteering at a humane society. Jess is an avid learner, self-teaching on a wide range of topics, and loves hands-on do-it-yourself projects. She is a long-time resident of the greater Northwest. 

The SASH Team is fortunate to have Jessica on our Team, helping make our customized home sale services possible with expert oversight behind the scenes! 

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Contact Jessica

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SASH Office 206-501-4375

1-888-400-SASH (7274)

SASH Services Office

6811 S. 204th St. Suite 395

Kent, WA 98032

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